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36 Juniper

Teatro Circulo (NYC) 2018

David's Play

NYFringe Festival (NYC) 2019

Julius Caesar

Hamlet Isn't Dead (NYC) 2018

"Next, let’s consider the acting, directed by Greg Pragel with a thorough understanding of just how the scenario would play out and how to extract it from his team."

- Opplaud NEW YORK

By Andrew Andrews

"directed by Greg Pragel and celebrating its World Premiere in the heart of the East Village, 36 Juniper is an unexpected and riveting theatrical gem."

- BWW Review (Broadway World)

by Kristen Morale

"Greg Pragel, last seen directing 36 Juniper, seems to be making a career out of these intimate modern dramas.  His touch is light but evident from an opening montage chronicling the change from graduating idealists through to real life people, all the while setting up a clever use of the limited Chain Theater stage.  His blocking, which might have easily had everyone simply sitting and chatting for two hours straight, instead flows naturally along the lines of an all-night party.  His signature is always effortless elegance.

- Classical NYC Reviews

by Emily C.A. Snyder

"one of the most electric moments I ever experienced in a theater. The War of Phillippi, as choreographed by Greg Pragel, was simply breathtaking. Suddenly, the theater was filled with combatants, dashing figures dancing with death, flashing swords and anguish."

- Hi Drama!

by Jan Ewing

Wars of the Roses

Bank Street Theatre (NYC) 2018

Lone Star

Triad Theatre (NYC) 2018

Fiddler on the Roof

National Tour 2012-2013

"Greg Pragel as Clifford/Buckingham brought a much needed surge of energy every time he came onto the stage. He gave an emotionally nuanced performance with a powerful physicality and has a good vocal timbre."


by Jacquelyn Claire

"Cletis, played with hilarity by Greg Pragel, deserves special mention. His character brings levity to an otherwise pretty heavy narrative."


by Ron Mwangaguhunga

"Greg Pragel brings both consistency and growth to his portrayal of Motel; though Motel never quite outgrows his retiring nature, Pragel allows the tailor to mature and show elements of confidence and leadership as time passes."

~ BWW Review (Broadway World) of PPAC Performance

by Veronica Bruscini

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